Global legacy


Don’t miss out on the latest Capsule release from Pop Culture retailer Zavvi! We have teamed up with Universal Pictures to recognise the monumental impact the studio has had across the international film landscape. To celebrate their longstanding influence, we have created a vintage streetwear range entitled “Global Legacy” featuring two of Universal Studio’s most internationally celebrated titles: Back To The Future and Jaws!

Between them, these two cinematic blockbuster giants have grossed nearly $1bn globally, with theatre releases in more than 50 countries worldwide. Each of these films set standards within their respective genre, and are regarded as timeless examples of excellence – so significant is their influence, that many modern films build on ideas and techniques laid down decades before. What better way to recognize a worldwide influence than with a “Global Legacy” capsule, built on iconic imagery and instantly recognized vintage style.

Launching at the end of March, the “Global Legacy” Capsule is, like Original Hero before it, limited to a single week of availability. Be sure to grab your own piece of cinematic history.

Original Hero


… and he’s gone!

Our Tokyo-themed, Kanji streetwear Super Mario Capsule has now been vaulted! From Boo to Bob-omb, your favourite character lines have been available to grab for a full Capsule Week, and are now sold out. Keep your eyes peeled right here for the announcement of our next Limited Edition Capsule range - if you missed the massive launch, or weren’t one of the lucky few to grab Limited Run prints, be sure to sign up to get notified of every bit of Capsule news!